Awakes Fizzlebang
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Affiliation: The Order
Location: Hearthglen
Awakes is a Paladin who was pulled out of retirement to join the Order upon finding out of the Grand Betrayal.

He is an aged man who served in both Stormwind's infantry and in the Argent Crusade, fighting many wars over the years. He became a recognised member of Artis Morticulo and was renowned for being one of the few members to take part in the real battle against the Lich King alongside Tirion Fordring.

Since then, he left the military and retired to New Tinker Town with his newly found Gnome bride, Fiona Fizzlebang. It was only after he was approached by the Order and asked to fight for justice once more, that he has gone back into action as one of their Paladins of the Light.





Unknown to most, Awakes suffers from a split personality disorder and can randomly become the dreaded Asleeps. Asleeps is a Holy Paladin who cannot weilder the powers of the Light out of fear. He believes that calling upon the Light may severely damage your skin and it is in his best interests that no one be harmed by the terrible UV Rays which are emitted from the Light.

The Order

The Grand Betrayal

Present Day

Awakes currently works along side the Order, helping them to uncover evidence to prove Feignbar is guilty. A powerful wielder of the Holy Light, Awakes is known for his amazing healing powers, being one of the most powerful healers in Azeroth.