The entire of Azeroth is in peril, Moefaeyp, Grand Magus of the High Court has escaped from Feignor, successfully draining the planet's essence with the powers of the Fel-Top Dairy. He has traveled to the Emerald Isle, to the Tomb of Feignbarus and with the essence of Feignor, plans to resurrect his dark master. Will Aeonarr avenge her fallen friends, Mumat and the Magic Whistle Men? Will Dathoc ever hunt a demon? Will Orwell ever find the corner shop? Will JJay ever throw another dart? Will Feignbar be defeated and peace restored to Artis Morticulo?

Find out all this and much more in Erandium!

The Story So Far

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Evils of the Nightmare
The Warlords of Feignor
The Council of Feign