Race: Unknown (Presumed Old Sod)
Class: Unknown
Affiliation: Himself, The Void
Location: The Tomb of Feignbarus

Feignbar is a being of unknown origin, currently speculated to be a physical manifestation of the Void, created to destroy Azeroth by the manipulative Mongolords. He is presumed to be an "Old Sod". Once thought to be nothing more than a loyal adviser under the now deceased Emperor Thorglir, Feignbar revealed his true intentions when he exacted the Grand Betrayal, a plan to assassinate the Emperor and assume power in his place.

Feignbar is thought to currently reside in the Tomb of Feignbarus, an ancient cavern beneath the Emerald Isle where he is weakened and unable to recover to his full power after his defeat at the hands of the Order.

Feignbar is currently the most dangerous being on Azeroth and one of the most powerful as well.


The First Council

Feignbar originally sat as one of Emperor Thorglir's most trusted advisers on the First Council. No records within the Stormwind archives trace back to him any time before the Council was formed and his origin beyond this is a complete mystery.

Feignbar is known by the Order as being the one who caused the Grand Betrayal, he achieved his goal of becoming the next Emperor by slowly gaining leverage over the Government of Artis Morticulo by initiating his servants into the First Council along with himself, gaining the trust of the Emperor and finally attacking the city of Stormwind with a powerful summoning ritual which gave him time to manipulate Drakorae into murdering Thorglir with a spell of hypnosis. Although discovered by the Order, Feignbar was able to over power and defeat them with the use of the Angelic Soul, the Order's powerful Artifact which he had successfully stolen just before the invasion. With this, he brainwashed as many of the Order as he could and killed others whilst the rest retreated out of Stormwind and into the lands beyond. Feignbar used this opportunity to cast the blame of the Emperor's death upon the Order and sentenced them to banishment.

The Grand Betrayal