The Fizzlebang family tree

The Fizzlebang family is an ancient gnomish family, some say it dates back all the way to the very first gnome in history Indus, who was a powerful mage, and supposedly took part in empowering the first Guardian of Tirisfal.

Most of the records of the previous generations of the Fizzlebang family where lost when Troggs took over Gnomeregan, but perhaps they will one day be recovered.

The Fizzlebang family is perhaps most famous for the family members Wilfred Fizzlebang and JJay Fizzlebang, the latter mainly because JJay won a grand prize playing darts in Stormwind a few weeks before the Grand Betrayal.

Wilfred Fizzlebang is of course the summoner who accidentally summoned Lord Jaraxxus at the Trial of the Crusader, and paid dearly.

What most don't know is that Reah is actually also a member of the Fizzlebang family, she is as a matter of fact JJay's niece, although she denies it if asked point blank.

Decendants of Wilfred and Fiona Fizzlebang are shown in the family tree above.

JJay's two brothers Wizbang Booms and Fizzlebang Booms changed their names to better reflect their careers as fireworks vendors, but they are infact still proud members of the House of Fizzlebang.

JJay's third brother Agee Tyler is part of the Order, as he overlooks Stormwind, and communicates information back to the Order's headquarters in Hearthglen.