Hamporo Rocktineous
Race: Gilnean
Class: Warrior
Affiliation: The Order
Location: Hearthglen / Stormwind
Hampaw, or Hamporo Rocktineous is a warrior of the Order.

He acts as the current leader of the Order managing all affairs within the military group alongside his trusted Generals, Babss and Theana.



Hamporo was born in Gilneas to parents Benjamin and Katherine Sykes, his mother died in childbirth.

Rather than the traditional continuing of the family name; Sykes, Benjamin named him Hamporo Rocktineous, having high expectations for his son. This turned out to be as foolhardy as starting a cabbage farm in Gilneas.

Hamporo grew up in rural Gilneas before the Worgen Curse swept across the kingdom and attended Clemons' School for Gifted Youngsters. Benjamin wanted him to do well, but as it turns out naming his son Hamporo might have been a little too ambitious and Hamporo was frequently made to repeat the third grade.

When Hamporo finally finished the third grade, he was old enough to start work at his father's butchers shop where he quickly grew fond of knives and swords, and it seems it was destiny that Hamporo should become a warrior.

The Worgen Curse

Before he was ever able to pass his exams in butchery and qualify as a full licensed butcher, the Worgen curse struck the kingdom and he, Orwell Clemons and many others of his kind were afflicted and transformed into feral worgen. Thanks to the assistance of a group of Kaldorei led by Babss they were able to recover their sanity and eventually gain control over the curse. They were forced to flee the kingdom on the Kaldorei ship Babss had chartered to Gilneas originally due to an attack on the kingdom by an individual known as "Feignbar", a name until now, Hamporo had no knowledge of.

With no home to return to and nowhere left to belong, Hamporo, Orwell and the remaining Gilnean survivors swore an oath of loyalty to the Order, a group of which Babss was a member, who informed them they were on a mission to overthrow Feignbar and restore peace to Azeroth.


Present Day