Humble Beginnings

Benvolio Augustine MacFarr was born into a lower class family on a farm in south eastern Westfall. From a young age MacFarr was taught how to use a bow to great effect in dispatching enemies. He was very outgoing and made many freinds in Moonbrook, his local town. One such friend was the mayors son John Bercow the fourteenth of Westfall, or just Johnny to his friends. MacFarr would go on hunting trips around the Gnoll infested lands much to his parents displeasure, on one such trip the young MacFarr found an injured wolf, taking it home with him he nursed it to health and it stayed by his side as a loyal companion.

When MacFarr was still just a boy growing up in rural Westfall, he had the best friend a boy could hope for -- his dear old wolf, Fang. Oh, the adventures he had! From Ravens Hill to the golden coast he roamed, carefree and courageous, irresponsible and completely inseparable. It was, for a little boy, the perfect existence.

Toy Soldiers

Macfarr left home at a young age to pursuit a career as a guard of Stormwind. However he was declined as they though he wasn't big or strong enough to be a guard. Distraught MacFarr slept rough on the streets of the old town for a couple of weeks