Race: Draenei
Class: Mage
Affiliation: The Order
Location: Hearthglen / Stormwind
Max, or Maxpayload is a mage of the Order.

Max studies the art of fire magic under the tutelage of Archmage Reah Gearsprocket as part of the Order's group of magi.



Max, along with the other Draenei were born on the planet Argos. At an undisclosed time, Max was signed up to work aboard the Starship Exodar. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man'ari has gone before.

Unfortunately Max was wearing his favorite colored shirt (fire red) on his first day as the pilot and the Exodar suffered massive, critical engine failure causing it to crash straight into Azeroth.

Most of the crew managed to survive the crash but the explosions from the engine and the crash had left Max with terrible tinnitus, the reason, many members of the Order presume is why time is not warped when they shout for it amidst a heated battle.

The Draenei were accepted as allies to Artis Morticulo and it's united nations after Emperor Thorglir had contacted Velendegenerate, the captain of the Exodar and Max quickly found himself serving within the Kirin Tor as they recognized his abilities as a mage.

The Grand Betrayal

Unaware of the truth surrounding the Grand Betrayal, Max continued to serve the Kirin Tor as an Ambassador within Artis Morticulo. It was only when Moefaeyp outlawed any mage who studied fire magic from the Empire that Max began to suspect that something was amiss within the Empire. Unable to act, he was forced to return to Dalaran where he was made to study in the art of frost as per his elders, whom were receiving orders from Moefaeyp, disguised as official orders from the Archmage of Dalaran.

He was contacted by Reah Gearsprocket and recruited into the Order after she had rejoined the Kirin Tor and assumed the rank of Archmage after Feignbar was overthrown and made to flee from Artis Morticulo across the ocean.

With a chance to once more study his passion; fire magic, Max signed up immediately and joined the assault against Galrosh Icecream within Feigngrimmar.

Present Day