Reah Gearsprocket
Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Affiliation: The Order
Location: Hearthglen
Archmage Reah Gearsprocket is a young Gnomish mage and a new member of the Order . She is in charge of overseeing the flows of magic, mostly found in the mage tower of Hearthglen


Reah Gearsprocket was born shortly before the First War to Dixie Fizzlebang and Marvin Gearsprocket, and adopted to the Stormwind Orphanage at a young age - she grew up in and around Cathedral Square where she, due to her being a Gnome, was often bullied by the other children.

As a response to this, she taught herself how to wield minor magicks and make small Gnomish contraptions to take revenge on the other children, before being taken to Aszhara to train under Archmage Xylem far away from all the wars of Orcs and Humans.


Several years later, after both the first, second and third war, when Feignbar orchastrated the Cataclysm, Archmage Xylem sent Reah to lend any and all assistance to the Order while himself appearing to remain neutral in the conflict.

Reah was sent to Dalaran by the Order, and quickly rose in the ranks, where she uses her position to feed the Order intelligence on both Feignbar and the other factions.

Little is know about Reah's heritage, family ties and motivations for helping out the Order, but the Order knows this - she is a powerful and loyal ally.

Present Day

Reah was one of the key members of the Order when they laid Siege to Feigngrimmar and found out Feignbars infernal plans to abuse the power of the Bronze Dragonflight, to bend time to his will, and assemble a massive force to take back Artis Morticulo.


- Although she'll never admit to it, she is infact the niece of JJay Fizzlebang

- She is very good friends with the Bronze Dragon, Chromie.

- She has a vicious hate of trolls, most people presume they were involved in the mysterious and bestial murders of Dixie and Marvin prior to the First War.