Zania is a Paladin and member of the Order.


Zania is a Draenei paladin of unknown heritage.

All that is known, is that Zania was raised among the High Elves of Lordaeron where she was raised among the priests and paladins in northern Lordaeron. Presumably she was brought through the Dark Portal during the First War, but it is unknown.

She became a great paladin, but little is known about her upbringing, as she does not want to talk to anyone but Eranicus about the events leading to her joining the Order.

What little is known is that when Arthas invaded Quel'Thalas during the Third War, Zania's adoptive family was slaugthered, and she swore to avenge them.

She initially did covert operations for Ashlam Valorfist - Ashlam did not want to alarm anyone, seeing as the only Draenei known on Azeroth prior to the arrival of Prophet Velem were the Lost Ones.

After Velem's Draenei joined the Alliance, Zania was able to finally come out of constant hiding and undercover operations - this is when she met Eranicus, and joined the Order to learn about the other races, and the world.


Role in the Order

Zania's role in the Order as a Vindicator is to handle the more clerical duties - mainly exercising demons and cleansing corruption.

She is often involved whenever JJay Fizzlebang attempts to do a summoning. Either she is involved in cleaning up after him, and exorcising any demons JJay may have summoned, or she is the keybearer to the cage in the dungeon... that holds JJay.

Present Day

Zania is currently on a prolonged hiatus, one that started shortly after the Great Betrayal.

Only Eranicus is aware of her whereabouts.